Great Job, Internet!: Extremely cool Game Of Thrones bar is ready to serve drinks and/or kill everyone

As the countless parodies, fan reaction videos, and general rabid enthusiasm that Game Of Thrones has elicited over the past six years can attest, the landmark HBO show has managed to permeate our culture in a way that few television programs are able. And with the penultimate seventh season fast approaching this summer, it seems that fandom has hit a fever pitch.

A perfect example can be found in the Drink Company’s Washington, D.C., pop-up pub. At the aptly named Game Of Thrones Pub, people seeking to blur the line between reality and fantasy will find it easier than ever with the aid of Game Of Thrones-inspired cocktails and nearly 3,000 square feet of decorations reminiscent of lands from both sides of the Narrow Sea. An Iron Throne replica upon which to sit and do your drunken best to look regal, a disturbing Hall Of Faces …

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