Great Job, Internet!: Explore the rise and fall of the lesbian-kiss episode

This week’s installment of Vulture‘s “Secret History Of Television” looks at the tired “lesbian-kiss episode” trope. As a ratings stunt, television shows used to have a heterosexual-identifying female character kiss some random lesbian or bisexual woman, only to have them disappear and let the straight girl get back to kissing dudes. Remember when Winona Ryder showed up as Rachel’s former sorority sister on Friends and the two locked lips, only for Ryder to never appear on the show again? Yep, that’s a lesbian-kiss episode.

The video starts with one of the first instances of a lesbian-kiss episode from back in 1991, when C.J. and Abby kissed on L.A. Law. Abby was written off a few episodes later. In 1993, Picket Fences had a one-off lady kiss, followed by Roseanne in 1994. Then, at the turn of the millennium, the lesbian-kiss episode really kicked into …

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