Great Job, Internet!: Explore all of Edge Of Tomorrow’s timelines in a nifty infographic

A ton of people missed out on Edge Of Tomorrow when it first came out last year, and it was even re-branded Live. Die. Repeat. to capture more viewers when it hit home video. But the film has become something of a beloved sci-fi gem to those who’ve seen it since. Videos have been devoted to the many deaths of Tom Cruise’s character, who is stuck in a (nearly) infinite loop where he has to re-live the same atrocious day every time he dies. But just how many different timelines are shown in the film? How far does Cruise’s character get in his mission in each subsequent iteration? And who has the time and competency to review all of these rebirths and create a cool infographic about it?

The answer to that last question is George Hatzis, who has created a pretty sweet chart that maps out …

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