Great Job, Internet!: Experience a melodic fatality with this a capella Mortal Kombat theme

When reflecting on Mortal Kombat, there are two things everyone thinks of: the catchy techno theme song and the harmonious fun players have by working with each other in a completely non-competitive or vindictive manner. Okay, that last one doesn’t really apply to Mortal Kombat at all, but it does apply to a spot-on a capella cover of that techno theme. Honoring the release of the latest Mortal Kombat entry, Mortal Kombat X, there is now a soothingly a capella version of the well-known song to accompany all the various decapitations and dismemberments littered throughout the game.

The five members of The Warp Zone come together to pull off a deadly combo of harmony to take down the ear drums of all who dare listen to it. It’s an impressively accurate recreation of the song, greatly benefitted by the Night At The Roxbury-esque dance stylings of the …

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