Great Job, Internet!: Everything you ever wanted to know about photography, explained in 5 minutes

The folks at The Co-Operative of Photography have created a video that explains the entire history of photography—from the first historical mentions of camera obscura to Instagram—in a little over five minutes.

The video packs a huge amount of information, as well as more photgraphy puns than strictly necessary, into a very tight, impressive package. Here are a few of the facts we picked up from the video:

  • The first photo was taken using a process called heliography, and the exposure took several days.
  • Early commercial photo exposures took three minutes, so people used neck braces and drugs to keep still while having their photo taken.
  • The first “PhotoShop” happened in 1861, when the head of Abraham Lincoln was pasted onto a more “noble” looking body.
  • Kodak was called Kodak for no reason other than the fact that its founder, George Eastman, really liked the letter K.
  • Digital …

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