Great Job, Internet!: Everything is better in extreme slow motion, including leg waxing

The Slow Mo Guys specialize in filming moments of absolute chaos using a high-powered, slow-motion camera. Over the years, they’ve captured things like an underwater explosion, a 50-foot flamethrower, and a Lego plane shattering into pieces.

For their newest video, they opted to film something slightly more personal: their own legs being waxed. The first 28,000-fps clip starts at about 1:13 and seems positioned to let the viewer relish each follicle being torn from host Daniel Gruchy’s body. Here is a GIF of it, so you can remember what it’s like to feel again:

After two more turns on his thigh, co-host Gavin Free takes his turn at 4:42, and it’s the most interesting shot—head-on this time, so you can see just how long it takes for the pain to dawn on his face. In fact, it’s been rendered …

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