Great Job, Internet!: Every single song Clear Channel suggested its stations skip post-9/11

If you’ve been on any sort of website, checked social media, or watched any sort of TV, then you know that today is the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. And while there are tons of good remembrances of the people who died going on everywhere from The New York Times to CNN, it’s also worth remembering the knee-jerk reactions certain politicians and media outlets had after the attacks.

Take, for instance, this list of songs that Clear Channel sent to its stations following the attack, songs that the mega-conglomerate strongly suggested not playing due to lyrical content. (It’s worth noting that some Clear Channel stations ignored this request.) Though it’s been around for years, even meriting its own Wikipedia page, it’s making the rounds on the music subreddit today, in part because it’s a good reminder of both how dangerous instantaneous reactions …

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