Great Job, Internet!: Every female face in recent Disney and Pixar movies looks the same

Here’s a conspiracy theory to rival the Kennedy assassination “magic bullet”: Every Disney/Pixar female character in the past decade has the exact same face. Upon realizing that Tangled‘s Rapunzel and Frozen‘s Anna and Elsa all share a similar look, Tumblr user Alex “wanted to see just how far this face thing went.” And what she discovered is that while Disney and Pixar men are given a diversity of face shapes, the women all have round faces with small button-like noses.

The phenomenon is clearly illustrated in this image for Pixar’s upcoming film Inside Out, which features three female male characters and two male ones.

While at first glance the women might look quite different, Alex traced their face shapes to demonstrate just how similar they actually are.

After that she pulled images of male and female characters from the likes of Up, Wreck It Ralph …

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