Great Job, Internet!: Even more famous comedians dealing with hecklers

The difference between heckling a comedian and heckling any other performer is that a comedian’s career depends on them being quick-witted, so they are (hopefully) more than capable of handling a situation where an audience member thinks they are funnier than the entertainment. We often have two-drink minimums to blame for this false sense of confidence, and thanks to the folks at Digg, we have a second supercut of some notable moments in heckler history.

One of the recurring elements proves that jokes about a heckler’s mother are a safe bet. Whether it’s Kevin Smith going a bit obvious by suggesting he enjoys sex with the heckler’s mother’s rear end or Jimmy Carr being more clever by playing off the term “comeback,” the lesson learned is that going after a mother is always a sure-fire way to turn the tables on an obnoxious fan.

The …

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