Great Job, Internet!: Even ’80s sitcoms hate Donald Trump

One of the cornerstones of the classic CBS situation comedy Designing Women was the tendency of lead character Julia Sugarbaker, an Atlanta interior decorator, to launch into righteous, eloquent, and impassioned tirades, often aimed at chauvinists and other ignorant bigots who had the misfortune of crossing her. The series has been gone since 1993, and Dixie Carter, the actress who inhabited the role of Julia, passed away in 2010. But the current election season has brought with it the improbable candidacy of Donald Trump, an old-school sexist who seems like he would be the perfect target of a well-crafted Sugarbaker rant. Luckily, though, a drag performer named Topher Payne, who stars in a stage show called Designing Women LIVE, does a pretty uncanny impression of the late Carter. And now, spurred to action by Trump’s antics, Designing Women creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason has written the first new Julia Sugarbaker rant …

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