Great Job, Internet!: Enjoy videos of alt-right Alex Jones before he goes supernova tomorrow

Alex Jones is a mathematically verifiable bad man—a Sandy Hook denier and 9/11 truther who believes his political opponents are the physical manifestation of the devil. Jones is also a Trump supporter, incidentally. Trump has appeared on his program many times, and he considers Jones’ reputation “amazing.”

The Alex Jones media empire hosts several websites and radio shows, but his chief outlet is InfoWars, which he broadcasts intermittently from his studio in Austin. The signature Alex Jones tone—as he tries to convince his audience that his version of reality is real, and the real one is a lie perpetrated by the Bilderberg Group and perhaps Beyoncé—is a sort of possessed, apoplectic croak. The videos of this stuff are viral fodder of the first order, passed around with delighted incredulity by Pepe avatars and the woke set alike.

Twitter user @immolations has captured a lot of Jones …

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