Great Job, Internet!: Enjoy these Settlers Of Catan-themed nachos, nerds

With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, plenty of websites are offering tips and tricks for football-themed recipes (basically, you just form regular food into a football shape). But for those nerds more interested in a game night than a sports night, Kitchen Overlord—a geeky cooking-themed website—suggests these Settlers Of Catan-inspired nachos. So next time you sit down to play the popular cult board game that’s always a little longer and a little more boring than you remember it being, at least you’ll be well fed.

Photo: Flickr user Louis Oliveira

Photo: Kitchen Overlord

Becaise the nachos don’t contain brick, wood, or ore, the only thing that really makes them Catan-themed is their presentation. Kitchen Overlord recommends serving the nacho components in hexagon bowls (like these plastic ones designed for science labs) alongside blue hexagon chips that replicate the “ocean” on the Catan …

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