Great Job, Internet!: EDM duo remixes Paul Stanley’s stage banter into a dance track

Paul Stanley didn’t help turn Kiss into one of the greatest arena rock acts of all-time by keeping quiet, standing still, and plodding through the hits. No, the man is a born showman, and at every gig he’s out there running back and forth, dodging flames, dancing his ass off, and constantly pushing the crowd to blow the damn roof off the place. While his stage banter has never reached David Lee Roth levels of insanity, Stanley is well known for his many in-show asides to the audience; the yips, the quips, and the tall tales. EDM duo Snaked must be a pretty big fan of Stanley’s shtick, considering the group just excerpted a few of its favorite bon mots from over the years and mixed them together for a pretty impressive new dance track.

Appropriately titled “Paul Stanley,” the song combines various Starchild vocal chops drenched …

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