Great Job, Internet!: Edgar Wright’s tribute to George Romero is enough to make a zombie tear up

There was just one promotional quote on Shaun Of The Dead‘s theatrical poster here in the states: “An absolute blast!” —George Romero. Reading director Edgar Wright describe his conversations with and gratitude toward the late horror icon, you get the feeling that’s the only positive review he ever really cared about. In a touching tribute to Romero posted on his personal blog, Wright recalls the story behind that quote and just how much it meant to him. Obviously, Shaun Of The Dead owes a huge debt to Romero—Wright describes it as “taking place in George’s universe”—and once it was completed, Universal Studios, the movie’s U.S. distributor, managed to set up a screening for Romero, who later called Wright in London and praised the film. “I frequently think back to this moment of standing in my house as the moment my life truly changed …

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