Great Job, Internet!: Eclectic Method’s new remix is all about Star Wars’ laser swords

While it may be an elegant weapon of a more civilized age, the lightsaber has always been shown as a slashing and burning instrument. Now the laser sword that has been mimicked by millions with cardboard tubes or any cylindrical shaped object has finally gotten its due thanks to a recent remix by Eclectic Method. While Mr. Method (real name: Jonny Wilson) has previously done tributes to Guardians Of The Galaxy, Wes Anderson, Wolverine, and Ghostbusters, his latest video/song focuses solely on the lightsaber scenes from the six Star Wars films. Heck, there’s even a good reason for Jake Lloyd to show up that’s not completely distracting or cringe-inducing.

While it’s not an all-encompassing montage of every lightsaber scene (thankfully there’s no ricocheting Yoda fighting Dooku footage), it does demonstrate how cool the weapon is while backed by a groovy beat. Taken in these isolated …

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