Great Job, Internet!: Eclectic Method says goodbye to Jon Stewart with a new remix

For 16 years, Jon Stewart has been the go-to guy for commenting on the inanities of Washington, the stupidity of the news media, and a pretty good source for comical outrage in the face of it all. As his last show rapidly approaches on August 6, fans are beginning their tributes to Stewart’s reign on The Daily Show. The latest paean to The Daily Show’s host run comes from the Eclectic Method.

Using footage from the show and the theme song from They Might Be Giants, Eclectic Method has crafted a concise remix message of Stewart leaving but also all of the various mugging and shock that he conveyed on every episode. It’s hard to know where the Internet remix fits in the K├╝bler-Ross Five Stages of Grief, but at the very least it’s an entertaining and fitting way to say goodbye to an old friend.

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