Great Job, Internet!: Dudes on dating apps will respond to anything, including AI-generated nonsense

You already knew this, but there are more men than women on dating apps. And the majority of women still using them have migrated to newer, more woman-friendly dating apps like Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel, which don’t allow random men to to send them unwanted messages. As such, the men still stumbling through these apps have become increasingly desperate for female attention of any kind. Hey, it’s gotta be a great time to be a bot.

As proof of this, Mic‘s Melanie Ehrenkranz hopped onto Tinder armed with 20 pickup lines, each of which was generated by a neural network that “uses machine learning to predict and generate text that is meant to imitate human language.” Surprise, it didn’t imitate human language so much as smash it with a hammer and haphazardly put the pieces back together.

I used pickup lines generated by a neural …

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