Great Job, Internet!: Drake’s the kind of guy who ruins pictures

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James will never play against each other in the NBA Finals. It’s just not in the cards, with the Mamba’s retirement coming at the end of this season. The two superstars did face each other at this past weekend’s NBA All-Star game, though, where James became the all time leading scorer in All-Star history, beating Bryant by a single point. The matchup between the two greats was captured in single photograph: James smiling as he’s guarding Bryant on the court, two legends facing off. It’s perfect except for one thing: Drake’s dumb ass ruining the picture.

The Canadian rapper was just too excited to see two favorite players squaring off and perhaps got a bit overzealous. But if there’s one thing that Internet memes have taught America, it’s that Drake appears to be a walking, talking version of …

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