Great Job, Internet!: Don’t look directly at these horrifying children’s movie knockoffs

Given the money-driven, cynical nature of the film industry, it’s really no surprise that with every financial success story comes a gaggle of pretenders ripping off the idea in order to grab their own piece of the box-office pie. These so-called “mockbusters” are essentially cheaply made movies that capitalize on the buzz surrounding a successful title and trick viewers into buying the wrong DVD or clicking the wrong thing on Netflix. Notable examples include Aliens vs Avatars, Snakes on a Train, Transmorphers, and really anything else produced by The Asylum.

Perhaps the most egregious offenders are the creators behind children’s movie rip offs who capitalize on kids’ inattention to detail and parents’ bleary-eyed willingness to buy whatever movie their kid wants. The video list-makers over at MindChop have found ten of the most horrific examples of Disney and Dreamworks mockbusters and gathered them here for your viewing displeasure …

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