Great Job, Internet!: Donald Trump makes cinema great again on this troubling Instagram account

Donald Trump has probably made more film appearances than just about any president other than Ronald Reagan. But the Instagram account @trumpincinema is less interested in documenting the reality of Trump’s film career than it is in imagining a world in which Trump starred in just about every movie ever. The account’s description reads, “‘Make cinema great again.’ A look and homage to all of Trump’s appearances throughout film history.” And it’s mostly filled with unflattering photos of The Donald photoshopped into some of cinema’s greatest hits.

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Above he’s depicted in Citizen Kane, his self-proclaimed favorite movie. And here he is riding an H-bomb in Dr. Strangelove, which is an image that’s arguably a little too real for the current political climate.

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For something lighter, he also pops up in Tommy Boy, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, and A …

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