Great Job, Internet!: Donald Trump keeps tweeting “NOT!” jokes

Over the weekend, small man Donald Trump, wounded by record-worst approval ratings and international scorn over the first month of his presidency, retreated to the embrace of his most ardent supporters by holding rallies in Florida and South Carolina. There, he did the Donald Trump thing: yelling inaccurately about crime, the media, jobs, and how he won the election. (We know you won, Donald. We fucking know.) He also offered one of his administration’s signature made-up tragedies by referencing some sort of attack in Sweden, a thing which did not occur anywhere except for within his frazzled, post-factual mind. Since then, his campaign has spun that lie into a claim that, while there may not have been a specific attack in Sweden to reference, the media is actually the ones lying, because they are claiming that Sweden is safe. (Which they aren’t; they are just claiming that a …

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