Great Job, Internet!: Donald Trump is a Kingslayer, a Samantha, and a Joey from Friends

There is no psychological tool more powerful than the online “Which character are you?” quiz. Condensing the human experience into a few easily answered questions, they breeze past complicated personality indices in favor of simple, easy-to-understand outputs. (“Oh, you’re an INFJ? I’m Rainbow Dash.”) But these quizzes aren’t just useful for judging ourselves: they can also be used to understand the most important people in our lives. Like, say, the ones who might be ruling them for the next four, grim-looking years.

The personality experts at CharacTour have done exactly that, applying their character matching algorithm to political front runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Inputting the frequency with which each candidate does things like, “Go to museums, read books, and attend cultural events…” or “Lie…”, they built virtual profiles for Hill-dog and The Donald, and then saw which famous characters they matched up with.

Donald Trump …

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