Great Job, Internet!: Dive deep into ‘80s makeup trends with Donna Mills’ The Eyes Have It

Donna Mills’ 1984 VHS makeup tutorial, The Eyes Have It, has long been a YouTube favorite, what with the Knots Landing star’s insane predilection for heavy eyeliner, gobs of mascara, and questionable contouring. But, at about 55 minutes long, it’s just too long for most viewers—especially ones with today’s “get me the funny and get out” internet mind. Thankfully, someone made an eight-minute edit of the whole thing. As the YouTube description says, it’s “pure glamour” in its purest form, with Mills at her peak ‘80s self, blending talcum powder references with cheekbone compliments. It’s all very weird and very dated, and perfect for some Friday afternoon viewing.

[via MetaFilter]

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