Great Job, Internet!: Disney princesses reimagined as cats reimagined as sharks that are not Disney princesses

If there’s one thing that the internet loves more than Disney princesses, it’s cats! And if there’s one thing that the internet loves more than cats, it’s sharks! Particularly sharks that don’t have anything to do with Disney princesses. That’s why the internet’s gonna go on a feeding frenzy for this series of illustrations.

Image: Brynn Metheney

Ariel should be trying to get her voice back, but at the moment she’s kind of preoccupied with this ball of yarn, not to mention the many sea mammals, like seals and small whales, that she feeds on almost exclusively.

Image: Brynn Metheney

For Jasmine, this beam of sunlight on the living room couch is like “a whole new world,” and, by the way, her jaw is on a hinge allowing her to open it extra wide when feeding on deep-water fish and crustaceans.

Image …

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