Great Job, Internet!: Dinosaurs offered a scarily accurate precursor to Donald Trump

If anything, there are too many pop culture parallels to make to Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. He’s Biff Tannen from Back To The Future, Paul Rudd’s Bobby Newport in Parks And Recreation, Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons, and Mr. Potter from It’s A Wonderful Life. But YouTuber Matt Orfalea has found what he claims is “the most accurate” pop culture representation of Trump: B.P. Richfield, the angry triceratops boss from the 1990s TV show Dinosaurs.

Orfalea manages to put together a pretty convincing case over the course of his eight-minute video as he intercuts Trump speeches with B.P. Richfield dialogue that sounds nearly identical. Both dinosaurs list themselves as their most trusted advisors, both have some major problems with women who have minds of their own, and—most remarkable of all—Trump and Richfield have pretty much the exact same plan when it comes …

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