Great Job, Internet!: Desperate government resorts to hip memes to keep fidget spinners out of children’s mouths

We have to assume the rise of the fidget spinner set off a series of increasingly strident alarm bells in the offices of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the independent government agency tasked with stopping the American people from wiping themselves out with “unreasonable risks” created by the products we blindly but constantly consume. At first, things were probably pretty chill. “Someone might slip on that,” maybe, or “Seems like it could cause some distractions in the classroom.” But then, the damn things just kept going, spinning faster and faster in the public consciousness, and things rapidly got out of hand. (“Oh god,” someone at the US CPSC may have whispered to themselves. “They’ve started sharpening them.”)

The biggest danger, though, was that spinners contain ball bearings and other tiny parts, which are basically candy to the accidentally (but industriously) suicidal children of the planet Earth. Faced …

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