Great Job, Internet!: Deleted scenes reveal the bleakness and despair at the heart of Mrs. Doubtfire

Despite being a high-concept, slapstick-heavy family comedy, 1993’s Mrs. Doubtfire actually deals with some desperately unfunny themes, including the painful dissolution of a marriage, the estrangement of a family, and the panic a parent experiences when faced with the loss of his children. Take away the cross-dressing, the funny voices, and the Oscar-winning makeup, and what remains is the story of a very sad, broken man who goes to extreme lengths simply to spend quality time with his children. That uncomfortable truth is at the core of some deleted Mrs. Doubtfire scenes that were posted to the YouTube account of Matthew Keys. Had these eight extra minutes of footage been included in the final film, Mrs. Doubtfire might have been an emotionally bruising and deeply uncomfortable experience for the film’s young, impressionable audience.

The first of the two excised sequences involves a disastrous spelling bee in which young …

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