Great Job, Internet!: DC Pierson is running a tournament to determine pop culture’s biggest overachiever

For whatever reason, film and television teem with overachievers: type A strivers who charm and irritate in (sometimes) equal measure. Comedian, author, and actor DC Pierson has done society the favor of devising an appropriately competitive method of determining the most overachieving of them all. It’s called the Tournament Of Overachievers, and it’s close to crowning the one overachiever to rule them all. His explanation of the tournament, from its launch date late last month:

This is the #TournamentOfOverachievers, a Twitter poll game. Here is a brief explanation, the seeding, and bracket.

— DC Pierson (@DCpierson) October 29, 2015

Pierson tells The A.V. Club the idea was born out of recently watching Election shortly after a student-election-themed episode of overachiever-rife Gilmore Girls. Once Twitter introduced polls, he realized he had a way to pit overachievers against each other by public vote. In assembling his …

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