Great Job, Internet!: Couple fights zombies together in their Walking Dead wedding album

A lot of couples connect over shared fandom, so a themed wedding photoshoot isn’t too much of a stretch. But even the most creative wedding photos rarely include the dry ice machines, prosthetic makeup, and complicated post-processing that are standard for the shoots of Singapore-based Mezane (the superhero name that he goes by professionally).

Realizing he could combine his love of photography and cosplay, Mezane enlisted the help of his fiancee, MizDesert (her superhero name), to start his niche business. Since 2013, he’s done nearly a dozen hugely involved pop-culture-themed shoots.

Parents of the bride and groom aren’t always thrilled to see their children smeared in blood rather than feeding each other cake, but no one seems especially concerned about that. Mezane does offer less gory shoots, though, like the Star Wars one that helped make him famous. (His own parents, adorably, saw Star Wars on their …

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