Great Job, Internet!: Cool dude Josh Groban got into a Twitter fight with Sean Hannity

For some reason, a lot of people are under the impression that you can’t have the voice of an angel and be a cool badass, but Josh Groban is living proof of just how wrong that misconception is. Alright, he’s not exactly John Wick or something, but he was on the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show a few times and he does have the voice of an angel, so he’s at least pretty close to being a cool badass. Anyway, Groban recently did another cool thing when he refused to take any shit from Trump supporters and then continued refusing to take any shit when Sean Hannity decided to get involved for some reason.

It all started with a fairly standard dig at the way Donald Trump’s racist buffoonery has made everyone else in America look bad, which prompted a Groban fan to say she’s …

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