Great Job, Internet!: Conspiracy theory: George R. R. Martin has secretly finished Winds Of Winter

George R. R. Martin has it kind of rough. He started writing the first book in his world-beating fantasy saga A Song Of Ice And Fire in 1991. Imagine starting something over twenty years ago that a ravenous horde of nearly sixty million people would love you to finish off as soon as you can, thanks. At this point he should consider just publishing a bulleted list of plot points from the final two ASOIAF books and taking a vacation.

But the constant, sometimes invasive, speculation about the state of book six, The Winds Of Winter, may be having some effect. In a recent LiveJournal post, Martin confesses to having barely any time to see any movies, read any books, or upgrade to a newer social network. Why would he be so busy?

Guys, dare I ask it, but is the long night almost over? pic …

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