Great Job, Internet!: Concept art reveals unaired Jurassic Park animated series

Back when Chris Pratt was still going through puberty, Jurassic Park was quickly becoming a critically acclaimed, record-breaking film. Universal Studios was eager to capitalize on the success of the movie, stuffing store shelves with quintessentially ‘90s merchandise including video games, figurines, coloring books, sleeping bags, trading cards, and pogs. (In the words of Donald Gennaro: “We’re gonna make a fortune with this place.”) They also had plans to make a prime-time animated TV series, though that clearly never saw the light of day—until now. Illustrator William Stout did early concept art for the abandoned production that he recently unveiled on his blog.

In one post, Stout explains why the project failed to take off:

Towards the end of all of this merchandising I got a call from artist Will Meugniot, asking if I’d be interested in designing a Jurassic Park animated series. This was not going …

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