Great Job, Internet!: Conan O’Brien and his exasperated producer escape a puzzle room

What even constitutes “fun” anymore in this jaded, video-saturated age? For some, the deeply nerdy answer is escape rooms: adventure games in which a group of participants are locked in an actual, physical, non-digital, totally analog room and then must solve a series of fiendishly clever puzzles or riddles in order to escape within a certain time limit. They’re like laser tag or bounce houses, only crossed with The Imitation Game and a little bit of Saw. The ever-intrepid Conan O’Brien recently decided to explore, in his words, “this brand new fad that’s sweeping the nation.” Thus motivated, the host and his cranky, put-upon producer Jordan Schlansky headed to Escape Room L.A. in order to put their critical thinking and dramatic-sunglasses-removing skills to the test and film the results for broadcast.

Once inside, O’Brien and Schlansky are assigned to a 1940s-detective-themed room complete with a …

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