Great Job, Internet!: Comedy Bang! Bang!’s long history illustrates the way good comedy works

In a world where everyone and their mother has a podcast, very few shows rise to the status of being massive crossover hits. More often than not a podcast will find its niche audience and hang on to it for however long the hosts feel like keeping it up. Comedy Bang! Bang! is not one of those podcasts. Having just celebrated 500 episodes and eight years of “slingin’ ‘tent,” Comedy Bang! Bang! has garnered an international audience of millions, many of whom are fanatical, obsessive comedy fans who tune in every Monday hoping to hear from their favorite returning guests and characters. What began as a live stand-up show in L.A. has since become the foundation of one of the largest podcast networks and been successfully translated to five seasons of television on IFC.

So, what has made CBB so successful and, perhaps more importantly, so different from the …

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