Great Job, Internet!: Comedian Sara Benincasa is ruthlessly evaluated by The Focus Group

Focus groups continue to rise in power and prominence in a society ever more driven by marketing, demographics, and brand awareness. These judgmental little panels have already made their influence felt in fashion, politics, transportation, and entertainment. How long will it be before focus groups are being called upon to evaluate individual citizens, telling them exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are? That’s the nightmare scenario of The Focus Group, a Kickstarter-funded short film written by and starring comedian Sara Benincasa. In this nine-minute comedy, Benincasa plays a thirtysomething woman who seems to be personally and professionally adrift. Her boyfriend dumped her, she got fired from her last job, her food blog is languishing, and her life now mainly revolves around eggrolls and masturbation. Her friend recommends a “boutique personal services agency” that can really improve a person’s life. “Are you in a cult?” Benincasa half-jokingly asks.

The …

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