Great Job, Internet!: Comedian now says he “needs” to meet screen legend Richard Dreyfuss

Ahab had the white whale. Javert had Jean Valjean. And Gabriel Gundacker, an avid Viner and YouTube content creator, has Oscar-winning actor and national treasure Richard Dreyfuss as his ultimate, maddeningly elusive goal. Back in March of this year, Gundacker declared through song his strong desire to meet Mr. Dreyfuss. And just as Aqua Teen Hunger Force‘s MC Pee Pants progressed from merely wanting candy to actually needing candy, Gundacker has now produced a soulful sequel to his original video entitled “I Need To Meet Richard Dreyfuss.” To watch the new YouTube clip is to see how much more acute Gundacker’s Dreyfuss fixation has become in the past six months. The video even starts with the singer forlornly wild-posting “Have You Seen This Man?” posters with pictures of the 67-year-old American Graffiti legend. In the song, Gundacker sadly informs us that his concentrated social media campaign has thus …

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