Great Job, Internet!: Colin Quinn’s Cop Show goes behind the scenes of a muddled procedural

The characters in police procedurals may do their best to seem tough, competent, knowledgeable, and thoroughly in control of any situation life hands them, but the actors, writers, and directors who work on these shows are still the same vain, insecure, attention-starved airheads and crybabies as one would expect to find in show business. That’s the truth at the heart of Cop Show, a mockumentary web series created by and starring comedian Colin Quinn of Saturday Night Live fame. The series, now returning for a second season of episodes, each about five to seven minutes in length, is a production of automobile manufacturer Lexus’ L/Studio, dedicated to creating “subscription-style TV without a subscription (or a TV).” A third season is planned for later in 2016.

In Cop Show, Quinn plays a fictionalized version of himself, following in the footsteps of fellow comic Richard Belzer by playing the role …

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