Great Job, Internet!: Clueless tributes make the best pop culture mashups

Clueless‘ impact on fashion and pop culture endures two decades after the film’s release. YouTube is dotted with incredibly detailed, Clueless-inspired makeup tutorials and guides on how to replicate the outfits seen in the movie, as well as video instructions on how to make the poof-capped pens Cher uses in class. However, the movie’s influence on movies and TV is far more subtle and diverse. These mashups establish why.

Clueless Under The Sea”

On the surface, Disney’s animated cartoons and Clueless don’t necessarily seem like they would have anything in common. However, this video juxtaposing scenes from The Little Mermaid with dialogue from the movie is actually perfect. In particular, pairing the line “Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie” with Ariel encountering the Unfortunate Souls in Ursula’s garden is inspired.

Orphan …

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