Great Job, Internet!: ClickHole’s Tony-centric alternate opening for The Sopranos is hilarious

The Sopranos had, undoubtedly, one of TV’s most iconic opening sequences of the early 2000s, with Alabama 3’s bluesy, menacing “Woke Up This Morning” perfectly underscoring a bleak montage of the busy highways, smoke-belching factories, and working class bars that comprised the backdrop of New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano’s violent, eventful life. But as The A.V. Club’s sister site ClickHole points out, things could have been very different for the landmark HBO drama had the series stuck with its original, considerably longer and more avant-garde introduction. “Woke Up This Morning” survived from that radical first draft, but it was initially mere background music.

This Was Almost The Intro For ‘The Sopranos’

— ClickHole (@ClickHole) December 1, 2015

Front and center in the supposed original introduction was a stocky, middle-aged, dark-suited character actor, directly addressing the camera from what …

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