Great Job, Internet!: Cleveland enters meme hell after blowing another 3-1 lead

Schadenfreude is a powerful thing. It’s also very fickle. Cleveland’s brief reign as lovable-loser-cum-world-champion ended the second the Cubs clinched the NLCS and became their opponent in the World Series, as no amount of Cleveland’s scrappy, bootstrap charm could fly in the face of the Cubs’ century-long underdog narrative. But now that Cleveland has lost—and particularly now that they have collapsed in the same historic way the Golden State Warriors recently did, by blowing a 3-1 lead—they’ve returned to their longtime position in the toilet bowl of American sports culture.

The internet celebrated the end of its brief moment of not shitting on Cleveland whenever possible by shitting on Cleveland as much as possible.

Twitter itself had this one lined up:

📂 2016
└📂 Sports
└📂 Championships
└📂 Teams that lost a 3-1 lead

— Twitter Sports (@TwitterSports) November 3, 2016

The Ringer, whose founder Bill Simmons …

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