Great Job, Internet!: CineFix’s “Most Emotional Movies” will break your heart and patch it back up

It’s a little tough to define what it means for something to be “emotional,” but it essentially comes down to whether or not the thing in question has the ability to grab you by the heart and rip it in half or breathe such life into it that it feels bigger and more powerful than ever before. CineFix, which previously brought us the “21 Best Character Departures Of All Time,” now brings us the the “10 Most Emotional Movies Of All Time,” and this batch of clips will almost certainly make you feel alive again and/or make you wish you were dead. Really, any list that starts with the shooting scene from Fruitvale Station is going to be some pretty interesting stuff. Thankfully, this list follows it up with the end of It’s A Wonderful Life, which is just as triumphant as Fruitvale Station is crushing.

Here …

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