Great Job, Internet!: Chris Evans’ dog is good, alive

Chris Evans is a superhero. Yes, he plays Captain American in the Marvel cinematic universe, but he’s also playing one IRL by squashing inhumane idiocy on Twitter, making fun of himself, raising money for charity, and speaking out against our horrible president. By his side through it all? Evans’ trusty K-9 companion, without whom it appears we would lose all hope.

No, seriously. When Evans posted the below tweet, fans immediately assumed the worst (which, to be fair, is probably the appropriate reaction these days):

Really missing this guy right now.

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) July 8, 2017

Talk about vaguebooking. So intense were fans’ initial reactions that Evans quickly added a disclaimer.

To be clear, he’s alive and well, just thousands of miles away for the next couple months.

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) July 8, 2017

The sigh of relief created a palpable gust throughout …

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