Great Job, Internet!: Chicago’s most eligible bachelor has his own bus ad

Valentine’s Day may be over, but the search for romance continues for some. After he placed last in his fantasy football league, Chicagoland’s Ryan Stew received a bus ad generously paid for by his league buddies. DNA Info reports:

The ad sells Stew, originally of southwest suburban Tinley Park, as a “respected educator” and “2016 fantasy football loser” who “perspires ambitiously.” It even includes a way for interested ladies to contact Stew—email him or follow him on Instagram as @TrySomeStew.

It seems like the ad is somewhere between a prank and a kind gesture, as Stew is newly single after a six-year relationship. His friends were hoping he’d get about 100 or so responses, but the ad at Milwaukee and Damen appears to have taken on a life of its own. Many women have posed for pictures next to it, but it’s unsure as of …

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