Great Job, Internet!: Chelsea Peretti takes tech industry’s money, makes fun of them at Crunchies Awards

Chelsea Peretti hosted the Crunchies Monday night, TechCrunch’s annual award show for startups, and while she may have taken the check, she clearly refused to massage Silicon Valley’s massive collective ego.

She started off with a joke about the tech industry’s mass gentrification of the Bay Area, then rapidly followed up with a gangbang joke. Peretti—who has at least some familiarity with the tech biz thanks to being the sister of BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti—went on to say she hated “all white men,” and suggested that the Crunchies’ mascot was originally going to be “a drone with a big penis just pissing on the city of San Francisco.”

She also spent a ton of time ripping the industry’s lack of diversity, suggesting they shouldn’t have picked a white host, asking if they were hiding the female leadership up in the balcony, and suggesting …

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