Great Job, Internet!: Chase nightmares with behind-the-scenes photos from Return To Oz

The Michael Jackson-starring The Wiz is probably the second best known rendition of the Land of Oz. Return To Oz, the 1985 follow-up to Dorothy’s adventures, could’ve held that status. However, in the follow-up, the magic in The Wiz and in the 1939 original was replaced with awkward creepiness. Plus, the Tin-Man and the Cowardly Lion were only minor players. Films tend to become a bit glossed-over when you strip away two major things that made the source material a classic.

People still do have love for Return To Oz, though. So 20 years later, we get rare behind-the-scenes pictures from the box office disappointment. In these photos, viewers see the Nome King before he became a monster, Tik-Tok and his fiberglass costume and the incomplete puppet body of Billina the talking chicken. It’s insightful and makes one of Walt Disney’s creepier efforts less creepy, although …

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