Great Job, Internet!: Celebrate the anniversary of “Never Gonna Give You Up” with the history of Rickrolls

Singer Rick Astley tweeted today that it has been 30 years since he released the smash-hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up,” making this a pretty huge anniversary for one of the most inescapable earworms that has ever been unleashed on the world.

30 years ago today I said I was Never Gonna Give You Up. I am a man of my word – Rick x

— Rick Astley (@rickastley) July 27, 2017

Of course, one of the reasons that “Never Gonna Give You Up” is so inescapable is that the internet loves to use it in elaborate (and not-so-elaborate) pranks. Dubbed “Rickrolling,” the basic gag usually involves someone posting a link to something that sounds too good to be true, but when the target of the prank clicks the link, they’re actually taken to Rick Astley’s video on YouTube—often with a fake video name …

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