Great Job, Internet!: Celebrate “Rhinestone Cowboy” with a montage of clips from awesome Westerns

Soon it will be 40 years since Glen Campbell released his version of Larry Weiss’ “Rhinestone Cowboy.” What better way to commemorate this anniversary than a montage of badass moments from Western films of all eras? Covering everything from John Wayne to Sergio Leone, from the revisionist Westerns of the ’70s to the revisionist Westerns of the ’90s, Robert Jones has crafted an excellent overview of some of the most iconic and prolific moments and characters in the genre’s long history. Plus he did it all to the soothing tones of Glen Campbell’s voice while following the sweet beat of the classic song.

The video gets bonus points for playing out like an intro sequence to some fantastic TV show that starred everybody, from a crazed Clint Eastwood to a drunk Dean Martin to an eerily calm Clint Eastwood.

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