Great Job, Internet!: Celebrate Get A Life’s 25th anniversary with a supercut of all Chris Elliott’s deaths

For fans of comic absurdity, there was nothing like Fox’s early slate of sitcoms. Perhaps the channel’s early prime-time high point (or nadir, depending on your sense of humor) was Get A Life, the Chris Elliott vehicle that premiered on September 23, 1990, and ran for two seasons. The show starred Elliott as an emotionally stunted and/or possibly crazy man-child, with little ambition beyond being a paper boy.

Get A Life had its cult following (Dan The Automator’s Handsome Boy Modeling School project is a reference to the season two episode “The Prettiest Week Of My Life”), but its legacy is actually far more mainstream. Elliott’s character helped kickstart the ’90s trend of idiotic-savant films—as seen in Adam Sandler’s bumbling ’90s movie characters and films such as Dumb And Dumber—and its gleeful gross-out humor is endemic in movie comedies today.

Perhaps most …

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