Great Job, Internet!: Celebrate Friday The 13th with Commander USA and Rhonda Shear

Before every television network began airing their very own original dramas, basic cable was like the Wild West. TBS, TNT, and USA would air whatever they could get their hands on, be it shoddy prints of Three Stooges shorts, Atlanta Braves baseball, or made-for-TV movies. And for horror fans who maybe actually had some boundaries at home and weren’t allowed to rent the latest Friday The 13th flick from the video store, basic cable was probably their first introduction to Jason Voorhees. By the mid to late ’80s, the Friday night horror host concept had gone largely by the wayside, but the USA Network kept the Elvira/Svengoolie flame burning with Commander USA’s Groovie Movies and Up All Night. Today being Friday The 13th, The A.V. Club is featuring both hosts introducing films from the Camp Crystal Lake saga.

Commander USA is the second superhero from New …

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