Great Job, Internet!: Cards Against Humanity has launched a very Cards Against Humanity anti-Trump campaign

Chicagoans driving down the inter-city interstate last week noticed a billboard that asked why Trump didn’t pay for that billboard if he’s so rich. Turns out, the billboard and accompanying website,, is the product of Chicago’s own Cards Against Humanity, the company known for the card game of the same name.

Photo: Nuisance Committee

Cards Against Humanity’s “Nuisance Committee” is dedicated to driving people to the polls and siphoning air time away from presidential nominee Donald Trump, spokeswoman and Nuisance Committee member Melissa Harris tells The A.V. Club. “We have some unique tools at our disposal, mainly Cards Against Humanity’s humor and creativity, that no one else has. And so in addition to doing all of the traditional things politically active folks do—like give money to political candidates—we felt we had an ethical responsibility and the tools to do more …

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